Refining Your Sales Plan

Refining Your Sales Plan

In this sales training, Terry Hansen shares some tips on how you can better understand your own sales revenue and personal income goals. He also discusses what you need to do to reach those goals each day. Developing a sales plan helps you prioritize your sales tasks and helps you more effectively manage your time.

What You Will Need:

Prior to watching this training video it will be helpful to have a sales report showing the following information:

  1. Annuals sales revenue goal for the current year
  2. Amount of sales revenue typically generated from existing client accounts on a monthly basis
  3. Dollar amount of an average sales from all products, as well as, by individual product
  4. Commission percentage

Included in this lecture:

  1. Sales Training Video
  2. PDF Workbook (print and add to your sales binder)
  3. Sales Quiz
  4. Comment section

Have Questions or Need Help?

If you have questions or would like further clarification on something you saw or heard in the training video, feel free to contact Terry Hansen directly by email or phone. [email protected] or 208-696-0589.

Share and Comment:

Share your thoughts and ideas with other Hansen University members in the comments section below. Tell them what you liked, what you learned and what you are focusing on to improve.

Test Your Knowledge:

After reviewing the sales training, be sure to review your notes prior to taking the short sales quiz to see how much you remember from the training.

Homework Assignment:

Be sure to fill out the last page of the sales training workbook. Here you will lay out what you want to change and improving this week. After completing this, share your action plan with your sales manager and update them next week on the progress you have made.

Refining Your Sales Plan 2018.pdf
Module 1 Sales Accountability Sheet.pdf
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