Think Like a Marketer - Video 1

Here are the Facts:

Fact #1:

Our prospects love to buy, they just HATE being sold. Because of this fear of being manipulated and pushed into a sale, prospects are on the guard these days which makes prospecting and lead generation efforts even more tricky.

Fact #2:

Many of the old prospecting methods reinforce a negative stereotype of sales people and build in resistance and mistrust. Today, sales people must (1) refine WHAT they say, (2) WHO they say it to, and (3) HOW they prospect for new business. Doing so will help them build trust and credibility with their prospects even before they meet them.

Fact #3:

Thinking like a marketer allows sales people to maximize their time, set more appointments, reduce stress and pressure and generate better quality leads.

So, are you ready to start Thinking Like a Marketer"?


See the attached White Board Diagram that provides an overview of where we are headed in this training course.

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